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Classic Collection: The Candles No Home Should Be Without

Our Classic Collection features 7 exclusive fragrances for candles, Mikado diffusers, soaps and creams, room sprays and home fragrances, all inspired by trips and memories of a certain time, with exclusive fragrances of an age-old tradition.

An ambiance, a memory, is part of our philosophy. Vila Hermanos dreams through its wonderful scents. The fragrances are absorbed by capillary action and release their delicate perfume continuously and smoothly over a number of weeks.

The scent of our candles seems to defy space and time, like the soul of the matter of secret memories. Vila Hermanos candles are hand-made, manufactured with a philosophy of offering luxury, using the highest-quality raw materials and paying meticulous attention to the details, in this craft product made in Spain.

Discover the different fragrances of our candles and perfumes:

  • - Orange Blossom
  • - Water Lily
  • - Lemon Grass
  • - Red Amber
  • - Jasmine
  • - Bulgarian Rose
  • - Cedar Wood