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Harmony of mind, body and spirit…We present the SPA collection

At Vila Hermanos we like creating scented candles for relaxing, peaceful ambiances…just as if you were at a spa resort. That’s why we’ve created two collections with aromas reminiscent of a high-end spa: SPA CANDLE and SPA MASSAGE. Two fragrances were created for the SPA CANDLE collection: H2 and O2. The aromas produced by these candles are relaxing, harmonious and peaceful.
  • - H2 scented candle:Fragrance with a hint of Oriental Tea.
  • - O2 scented candle: Fragrance with an undertone of mint and fresh notes.
The fragrances come in four formats, with frost-painted jars for a delicate and inviting feel.
  • - 10cl (75g) frost-painted jar with a wick and a burn time of 12-15 hours.
  • - 20cl (150g) frost-painted jar with a wick and a burn time of 30-40 hours.
  • - 12x12 (620g) frost-painted cylinder, the perfect format for lighting in a spa. With two wicks for a burn time of 70-80 hours.
  • - 345g frost-painted SPA jar, the perfect format for lighting in a spa. With four wicks and a burn time of 250 hours.
The SPA MASSAGE collection comprises scented massage candles made from natural vegetable wax using natural raw materials with valuable properties such as shea butter, coconut oils and natural essential oils. One special detail about these candles is that they form an oil when heated that has extraordinary skin properties thanks to their composition. Four gorgeous aromas have been created for this collection presented in small white ceramic jars in two formats, 50 and 90 grams:
  • - Balinese SecretBALANCE (rose)
  • - Hawaiian Secret SENSUAL (monoï)
  • - Moroccan Secret RELAXATION (tea)
  • - Japanese Secret ANTI-STRESS (mandarin)