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Lui & Lei

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Lui & Lei Collection

The idea for the collection was born in Milan. The fragrances are designed for professionals, smart, confident, a man who takes care of his appearance and a woman whose elegance is based on simple and discreet details. Product for HIM (LUI): simple, black, with golds and silvers inserted delicately with classic Gesseto pinstripes, which have always been synonymous with glamour. Product for HER (LEI): delicate,rolex replika white. The gold and silver create pearl necklaces.

Fragrances - Lui & Lei

  • Jet Lag - Lui

  • Nice to meet you - Lui

  • Details- Lei

  • On time- Lei

best candles

Jet Lag - Lui

Top Note: Bitter Orange, Nutmeg, Clove.
Heart Note: Tea, Geranium, Birch Oil.
Base Note: Cedar, Vetiver, Leather, Tobacco.