Vila Hermanos Services

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best candles

Research and Development

Combined with efficiency, Vila Hermanos Cerería is an effective solution to your needs, regardless of the size or complexity. Being a manufacturer of private labels allows us to focus solely on producing your candle to exact specifications.

Contract Filling

Simple choose your own formula, fragrance, bottle, label and packaging. We'll take care of the rest.

best candles
best candles

Custom Projects

Our experts will help you develop formulas for customised candles, fragrances, bottles, labels, boxes, etc. We can even take care of packing and shipping.

Private Label Programme

Vila Hermanos has extensive knowledge in the development of programmes for the most prestigious private labels in the world. For large or small batches, we offer a wide range of services to carry out your project from start to finish.

best candles
best candles

Concept Development

Vila Hermanos is equipped to develop new candle concepts for new or innovation expressions of candles. Our designer will always be involved in the process, developing ideas on specific products in line with the candle industry. Vila Hermanos is able to create an innovative strategy for your project.

Quality Control

One of the cornerstones of our business is our exceptional commitment to innovation. Our local research and development department ensures that each Vila Hermanos candle complies with industry standards and our own testing protocols.

best candles